Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 47, Sonnet 47

Awake! Let dawn’s new light proclaim His life

And so, in turn, proclaim our lives as well.

Let faith and hope o’ertake this pain and strife

And strike down death itself with death’s own knell.

Each morning will a Resurrection be;

When sleepy eyes wash nightmares from their view,

When hardened hearts bloom in serenity,

When deep forgiveness bids hatred adieu.

For love transcends all colour, faith, and creed

And new beginnings are each human’s right

For love of God does Church and State exceed

For saintly love is mercy ‘midst our plight.

Though it is finished[1], let this end begin

A life where holy love resides within.

[1] John 19:30

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